Jeans/Skinny/Slim/Mama Mia/Twiggy Bells

Boho Flower and Lace Jeans


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Our one of a kind jeans use our own patented process to re-purpose jeans into art you can wear. We use a mix of beautiful tapestry fabrics, vintage and new fabrics and laces for each unique pair. The black spandex side and inseams create a slimming optical illusion and give the feel of a legging. These jeans get noticed and so will you!

Make sure you order the right size. You will probably wear a size smaller than usual due to stretch: XXS (0-4) XS (4-8) S (8-12) M (14-16) L (16-20).

You select the style:

8000K SKINNY LEG (fits like a legging) 11″ opening at hem inseam 31″
8000S SLIM LEG (fits like a boot cut) 18″ opening at hem inseam 33 1/2
8000W WIDE LEG (fits like a lounge pant) 28″ opening at hem inseam 33 1/2

Denim wash is medium unless specified otherwise.

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XXS (0-4), XS (4-8), S (8-10), M (10-12), L (14-16)


Skinny Leg (shown), Slim Leg, Wide Leg