From Radio to Rags!

That’s the best way to describe my transition into the fashion world. After years in the Broadcasting industry, (Styles Broadcasting, Inc.) in 2006 I reinvented myself. Thankfully I learned how to sew at 11 years old. All of my great concert and Radio station t-shirts were used to practice sewing my designs (in the dining room). That was the niche I needed to be different and start my own line.

The saying goes it takes 15 years to be an overnight success. Thank goodness it didn’t take 15 years, but after two years of working out the kinks, I had a good product, Styles Ever After was born.

Most of my designs include vintage/gently used T-shirts with vintage fabrics, and lace, therefore allowing the “Style” to go on. All of my designs are one of a kind. I am constantly buying t-shirts from all over the world to create new garments. Our customers love the fact that no two items will ever be the same.

We do everything right here in our studio. We create the patterns, design each garment one at a time, cut, sew, and deliver beautiful vintage couture. We can even use your special t-shirts for your garment.

Ladies everywhere appreciate that their choices in fashion are an expression of their personality. It is my goal that each and every design inspires the wearer to express their individuality, stir up a little passion, and promote creativity.

Kim Styles

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